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New Dinosaur Exhibit

Springfield Science Museum

June 2, 2008

What was a dinosaur's family life like? Discover the answers in the exhibition Hatching the Past: The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt, on view from June 14 through September 28 at the Springfield Science Museum.

The exhibit features authentic dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all over the world. Visitors are invited to touch a real dinosaur bone and reconstructed nests – one more than eight feet in diameter – dig for eggs, use hands-on exploration stations, and view animated videos featuring dinosaur experts.

Real fossils on view include a bowling ball-sized egg laid by a long-necked sauropod from Argentina, a large cluster of eggs from a duck-billed dinosaur, and the longest dinosaur eggs ever discovered – almost 18 inches long – laid by a new giant species of oviraptor, a carnivorous, ostrich-like dinosaur.
A feature of the exhibit is a presentation about "Baby Louie," the nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur embryo discovered with its bones aligned in the proper positions.

The exhibit also includes life-like models of hatchlings, colorful illustrations of dinosaur family life, and photos of dinosaur hunters and their discoveries. The exhibit presents new discoveries about dinosaur reproduction and behavior, and gives evidence supporting the theory that dinosaurs and birds are closely related.

Hatching the Past was developed by Charlie and Florence Magovern of the The Stone Company in Boulder, Colorado, in association with the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The Magoverns' work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine.

There is a special exhibition fee of $1.50 per person for all visitors ages 3 and up in addition to museum admission.
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