Springfield Science Museum Exhibits

Amazing Butterflies

May 25th, 2013 through September 14th, 2013

Second Floor

Springfield Science Museum

Amazing Butterflies

Exhibition Extended!

Amazing Butterflies is an interactive maze experience designed for both children and adults, allowing families to share in the enjoyment of learning together.

Visitors can explore the world of the butterfly and learn the surprising challenges butterflies face every day. Each station of the maze relates to a different phase of a butterfly’s life cycle, from a caterpillar to a dormant chrysalis and finally to a mature butterfly. As visitors make their way through the maze, they will also be introduced to some of the butterfly’s enemies and the challenges they face in finding food and a mate.

The Butterfly House

Constructed by Museum staff, this live butterfly enclosure allows visitors to view and interact with native species of butterflies like Mourning Cloaks, Question Marks, and Painted Ladies. Mounted specimens of rare butterflies from the Museums' collection are also on display.

$5 special exhibition fee for all visitors age 3 and up in addition to museum admission.

Amazing Butterflies was created by the Natural History Museum in London in collaboration with Minotaur Mazes.

2013 Premier Sponsor: MassMutual

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