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Planetarium Shows

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Springfield Science Museum

The Springfield Science Museum is home to the Seymour Planetarium, the oldest operating planetarium in the United States. The star ball in the Seymour Planetarium can project more than 7,000 stars which vary in brightness.

Today's Showtimes

11:15 am
Splendors of the Night Sky
What is that you’re seeing in the sky at night?  With the planetarium stars as the backdrop, find out how to locate and identify celestial objects and constellations as the seasons change.  Recommended ages 8 and up.

Magic Sky
Join Jesse in a dream adventure sparked by a bedtime story about the night sky.  Through story and song, children explore the concept of day and night and discover that the sun is really a star.  Recommended ages 3-7.

1 pm
Oceans in Space
Fasten your seat belts as you embark on an incredible journey through time and space. Investigate theories about the creation of Earth, explore evidence that life on our planet began in the depths of the oceans, and speculate about life in the farthest reaches of the universe. Recommended ages 8 and up.

2 pm
New Show! Mystery of the Disappearing Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs ruled the world for nearly 200 million years and then, in the geological blink of an eye, they were gone forever. Travel far out into space, deep inside the earth and back in time as we try to unravel the mystery of the disappearing dinosaurs. Recommended ages 8 and up.


$3 adults, $2 ages 3-17, Free for Museum members
In addition to general museum admission. Purchase at the admissions desk in the Welcome Center.

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