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William Penn's Treaty with the Indians when he Founded the Province of ...

Gathering of Native Americans with William Penn and other men at center. Tents set up to left, building's in rear background; ships in port to right background. Remainder of title: Penn's 1661. The Only Treaty That Never Was Broken." From the Inventory Listing of Sidney A. Alpert "Wm. Penn's Treaty With The Indians When He Founded / Und - S "

William Penn's Treaty with the Indians: At Shackamaxon, on the Delaware (now Philadelphia) When He Founded the Province of Pennsylvania, 1682, undated
Hand-colored lithograph

Napoleon Sarony was a popular and prolific photographer, renowned for his portraits of theater actors. He worked as an illustrator for Currier & Ives before beginning his own lithography firm in 1843.

In this historical print, Sarony depicted the founding of Pennsylvania through the story of William Penn's treaty with area Native Americans. Sarony's interest in the theater is evident as the composition appears as a stage set and each of the figures acts out a role.


Artists: Nathaniel Currier
Medium: Hand-colored lithograph
Measurements: 15 1/8 x 11 inches
Access Number: 2004-D03-669
Gift of Lenore B. and Sidney A. Alpert supplemented with Museum Acquistions Funds

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