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S21. When Dinos Ruled!

S21. When Dinos Ruled!

Dinos ruled the earth for 225 million years! Learn about some of the ancient reptiles like coelophysis, who lived in what is now your backyard. Learn about the wooly mammoth, the Ice Age and the fearsome cave bear. Examine real dino fossils, do a fossil "dig", and recreate an exciting prehistoric diorama scene. Includes the special exhibit Life Through Time.

Bring a snack and a brown bag lunch. Dress for mess!

Instructor: Pat Gregory & Meredith Scrivens-Greene
Ages 6-8
Monday-Friday, 9 am-1 pm
July 28-August 1 (five classes)

Course Withdrawal Policy: If you withdraw from a class one week before the first session, you will receive a full refund (less a $15 registration fee). If you withdraw 6 days to 24 hours before your first class, you are still entitled to a 50 percent refund (less the $15 registration fee). After that time, no refunds or credits will be issued.