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S79. NYC: Audubon Park – The Hispanic Society & The Cloisters

Tour the Hispanic Society featuring the art and culture of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. View outstanding Spanish paintings…

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Tribute Gift: Science Museum

Give a Tribute gift to the Science Museum to honor a special day in the life of a friend or family member, or as a thoughtful…

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S66. Painting Methods of the Masters, From Underpainting to Alla Prima

Examine master works of art in the museum galleries and explore a variety of media and traditional techniques. Alla prima…

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W26. Silk Scarf Painting

Discover the beauty of silk scarf painting. Methods explored include color washes, resist painting and stamping. Silk for practice…

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Smith & Wesson (MA)

Paperback. Images of America. Published by Roy G. Jinks and Sandra C. Krein.

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W47. Albany Institute of History & Art and the State Capitol Building

Tour the New York State Capitol building, a marvel of late 19th-century architectural grandeur. Then, visit the Albany Institute of…

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Membership - Society of William Rice Chairman's Circle

Two membership cards with full benefits for two adults and all children including:Unlimited free admission to all Springfield…

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S39. Writing Towards Creating a Book

Your travel or culinary writing; poetry, essays, stories, or novel; family history and memoir are all material for your own bound…

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W36. Beginning/Intermediate Pastel Portraits with Paul Leveille

Leveille will provide a step-by-step approach to achieving a dynamic portrait concentrating on the big light and dark shapes,…

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Happiness Paperweight

"Five Simple Rules for Happiness: 1. Free your heart from hatred. 2. Free your mind from worries. 3. Live simply. …

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