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Indian Motocycle T-Shirt

100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt.

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S09. Hands-On Art

From Dinosaurs to Steampunk, enjoy a new museum exploration each day, and learn to see the world in new way. Every…

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Daisy Museum Adventure (Feb. 8)

Saturday, February 8, 4-8 pmSpringfield Science Museum A fun-filled evening of museum activities which may include games,…

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S30. Intensive Drawing & Painting Studio (Teen)

Learn how to apply the principles of line, perspective, contour and color into your drawings and paintings. Study both the…

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The story of a moose who was too hospitable for his own good "is told in verses which march in double-quick time. Full…

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W26. Silk Scarf Painting

Discover the beauty of silk scarf painting. Methods explored include color washes, resist painting and stamping. Silk for practice…

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Mummy Pen

Tasteful and stylish silver-nickel clip and rich black lacquer finish. By Josh Bach.

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Teacher Preview: Rainforest Adventure

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 | 4-6 pmSpringfield Science Museum View the Rainforest Adventure special exhibition, participate…

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S14. From Mighty Dinosaurs to Marvelous Mammals

Discover some of the ancient reptiles who lived in what is now your backyard. Meet the largest meat-eating mammal ever known…

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