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W36. Beginning/Intermediate Pastel Portraits with Paul Leveille

Leveille will provide a step-by-step approach to achieving a dynamic portrait concentrating on the big light and dark shapes,…

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S72. Beginning/Intermediate Landscape Painting in Watercolor

Create dramatic mood and dynamic compositions through a variety of watercolor techniques and materials. The dynamics of…

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S33. The Art of Comics

This is a comprehensive course in the art and production of comics, no matter your style (Manga, Indie, etc.). Learn the nuts and…

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Dutch and Flemish Painting

16th- and 17th- century paintings in the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts. By Alice I. Davies

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Wall Street Pen

Tasteful and stylish silver-nickel clip and rich black lacquer finish. By Josh Bach.

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S56. Introduction to Drawing

Train your eye to see and foster the ability to represent the 3-dimensional world on a flat surface. Learn how to create the illusion…

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Currier & Ives Action Pen

Floating Action Pen based on Currier & Ives winter scene. (Specify blue/yellow/red on order)

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S10. Trees! Birds & Birdhouse Building

Meet live birds, understand their behavior, and then build your own birdhouse to take home. Learn important wood shop skills,…

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David Rohn's Watercolors

1969-1984Exhibition catalog for a variety of Rohn's watercolor paintings displayed from September 23 - November 4, 1984…

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Tribute Gift: Wood Museum of Springfield History

Give a Tribute gift to the Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History s to honor a special day in the life of a friend or…

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