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June 13, 2006

The Springfield Museums will open the following exhibitions this summer.

June 13, 2006-January 21, 2007, Museum of Fine Arts: Going Baroque: 17th Century Dutch Masterworks, 18 prints by artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Lucas van Leyden, and Hendrick Goltzius. Included are portraits, mythological scenes, religious works, landscapes, still lifes and scenes of daily activity. Created during the golden age of Dutch art, the prints exemplified a new, distinctly Dutch style that reflected their day-to-day life and values.

June 30-December 31, 2006, Museum of Fine Arts, Lenore B. and Sidney A. Alpert Currier & Ives Gallery: A Nation Divided: The American Civil War Depicted by Currier & Ives, selections from the museum's large collection of hand-colored 19th-century lithographs.

Opening July 5, 2006, George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum: Ancient Treasures, a new permanent gallery of artifacts from ancient China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt. The gallery will feature works of art that help explain the daily life, mythology and religion, methods of communication, and burial customs of these civilizations. A highlight of the exhibit is a Chinese burial suit made of linked pieces of jade, on public display for the first time in 2,200 years. The gallery also features Greek and Roman statues, Greek pottery and glass, Chinese ceramics and bronzes, and the outer coffin of an Egyptian mummy.
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