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F20. The ABC’s of Family Research & Genealogy

F20. The ABC’s of Family Research & Genealogy

Wednesdays, 6-8 pm

Learn how to research your ancestry using the extensive resources at the Wood Museum of Springfield History. You’ll learn a great deal about researching using a variety of genealogical websites - keep in mind that it’s not all on the internet!

$42, Members; $49, nonmembers


Dave Robison is the sole owner and sole researcher for Old Bones Genealogy of New England.  He is a member of many professional genealogical societies, board member of other local and regional associations, lectured, taught and conducted workshops in genealogical research and has been hired to conduct family research for clients.  He holds a certificate of genealogical research from Boston University.

September 24; October 8 (two classes)
Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History
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