Springfield Museums Events May 2014

Museums à la Carte Lecture

May 22nd, 12:15 pm

General Museum Event

Miles Morgan: Man & Myth
Frances Gagnon, Springfield historian

Adorning Springfield’s Court Square since 1882, the bronze statue of early settler Miles Morgan was the city’s first public art work.  When first proposed by descendant and banker, Henry T. Morgan, a great controversy erupted and triggered a heated debate about Miles Morgan’s place in Springfield history.  Some felt the tribute was not sufficiently deserved, while other emphasized that this early, but not original settler had contributed to the growth of the settlement in valuable ways. The Morgan gift awakened an awareness of local history despite the argument about Miles’ true role. Actual records show him to be a forthright, hardworking man unable to writ his own name while holding various town offices.  He came from modest means and was respected by all.  Several later biographical sketches describe Miles glowingly as something of a swashbuckling military hero and powerful leader on par with founder William Pynchon. This conflicts with records that define him as a Sargeant and not a Captain... and early settler but not an original founder. The program will draw contracts about the man ads the myths created about him. It is easy to conclude that Miles Morgan was interesting enough to stand the test of time without embellishment and Springfield can proudly claim him as progenitor of many generations of Morgans.   

$2 members; $4 nonmembers

Davis Auditorium, Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts.
The audience is invited to bring a lunch to enjoy during the program; cookies and beverage are provided.

Sponsored by Big Y

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