Springfield Museums Events June 2013

Museums à la Carte Lecture

June 13th, 12:15 pm

General Museum Event

Tornado: The Twisted Wind
Art Horn, meteorologist

Perhaps no other storm on earth brings more fear and fascination than a tornado. These whirlwinds of destruction strike many parts of the world including parts of Europe, South Africa, China, India and South America. However, no place on earth gets more tornadoes than the United States of America. From the Mid-West to the Deep South westward to the Great Plains there are more tornadoes and more big and violent tornadoes each year than all other locations on earth combined! In this program, the audience will learn why we have so many tornadoes and why they are so strong. We’ll see what ingredients nature brings together to make these funnels of fury. The spring is the season of destruction from these twisters with May usually having the most. Actually tornadoes strike the US at any time of year but the spring is prime time. New weather radars are helping meteorologists provide better and timelier warnings that tornadoes are coming. Amazingly water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean can give us hints about what the spring tornado season will look like and how strong the tornadoes will be. Tornadoes do strike the northeastern part of the United States. On June the 1, 2011 a powerful half mile wide tornado struck western Massachusetts with 160 mile per hour winds. This is a fascinating program of one of nature’s most destructive forces, the tornado.  

$2 members; $4 nonmembers

Davis Auditorium, Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts.
The audience is invited to bring a lunch to enjoy during the program; cookies and beverage are provided.

Sponsored by Big Y.

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